Our Mission

The Los Angeles Shabbat Project is an independent grassroots community-wide, inclusive organization with hundreds of volunteers all with the same mission – encouraging the Los Angeles Jewish community to participate in a unique, international Jewish unity event bringing together thousands of Jews to celebrate our heritage and strengthen our Jewish identity.

The 2018 Los Angeles Shabbat Project will take place October 25-27th with events throughout the Greater Los Angeles area. The International Shabbos Project will take place in more than 1,400 cities and 97 countries around the globe.

Rabbi Warren Goldstein, founder of The International Shabbos Project said, “Let us find Jewish unity in times of happiness rather than when the hatred of others is forcing us together.” That is what the Los Angeles Shabbat Project is all about. On this special Shabbat, we come together to celebrate the peace and tranquility of one of our most sacred traditions, Shabbat, for no reason other than to unite, strengthen and rejoice in our Jewish identity.


The Los Angeles Shabbat Project began in 2014 under the auspices of The International Shabbos Project, founded by Rabbi Warren Goldstein, Chief Rabbi of South Africa. In 2013, the entire South African Jewish community came together to celebrate Shabbat. In 2014, the Shabbos Project went global and hundreds of communities worldwide celebrated Shabbat together. Five  years later, The Shabbos Project has expanded to more than 1400 cities in 97 countries!