More Great Challah Bakes

Emek Challah Bake

October 25, 2018

The Emek Challah Bake is happening on Thursday evening October 26th at the Magnolia campus. Emek students and their parents and grandparents will roll up their sleeves and join thousands of women across the world to bake Challah together.

2nd Annual Challah Bake Students and Mothers

In conjunction with the Worldwide Shabbat Project, Gindi Maimonides Academy is looking forward to hosting its second annual Challah Bake for its students and their mothers. Morah Galit Capri will lead the Challah bake and the Middle School girls will sing a few heartwarming Shabbat songs. What a meaningful experience for our mothers and daughters!

Makor Hachayim Challah Bake

For all you who have never made Challah before… join us for a night to UNITE and IGNITE the world!

ES/MS Challah Bake

Harkham Hillel Hebrew Academy hosts a Challah Bake on Thursday, October 26 from 6:00 – 7:30 pm. RSVP by emailing

Mom’s Night Out Challah Bake

Thursday, October 25
7:30 PM

Mix. Mingle. Shape. Be a #ChallahLady